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The boneheads in state government and on the Supreme Court seem to think that we should keep paying state taxes just like regular people do. But we’ve built a lifestyle for ourselves that shouldn’t be ripped away because of some “law”. The rules have never applied to us before, why should they now?


Life after (potential) loss, a story of the resilience of a group of unlikely heroes; the wealthy few. Set in Washington state, where the Capital Gains Tax rips through the pockets of millionaires and billionaires, we hear about the impact the tax has had on members of our Save Our Yachts community and the man who’s helping bring us to justice; Brian Heywood.


We have a new hero in Brian Heywood, who has already spent $6 million of his own money to protect us from having to pay what we owe in capital gains excise taxes. He understands that many of us are upgrading our yachts for the summer, and now is NOT the time for us to keep paying taxes on our Wall Street profits. One year of it was enough!! If you agree, join the Save Our Yachts Campaign supporting Washington Initiative 2109!



Our money works hard making money off itself in the stock market. We need that money to buy new yachts and vacation homes so we can be far away from our communities that are always nagging about funding things like public schools and quality care for children.

Who needs public schools and child care anyway? Our children attend private schools and have private tutors and au pairs, so we don’t care about the public education, child care, and early learning these tax dollars are funding.

We pay good money to avoid paying taxes. Washington’s tax code is upside-down, and that’s great for those of us on top! We’ve spent decades bankrolling election campaigns and paying corporate lobbyists to pass laws that help us avoid taxes. And now, Brian Heywood is joining the fun by buying us this ballot initiative!

Just because almost every other state taxes capital gains doesn’t mean Washington should too. Are we so rich that we don’t even notice this tax? Yes! But our accountants that help us dodge taxes let us know about it, and that’s why we launched this campaign to educate our fellow 0.2% of super-rich Washingtonians about how they will profit from I-2109.


Anonymous Rich Man #1

I just can’t thank the team at Save Our Yachts enough for sharing our stories. This documentary shines a light on an underrepresented community, the true victims of the capital gains tax – us, the wealthy few! While others make fun of us and think we should pay this tax, they don’t understand the cost; waiting an extra week to buy our second yacht. Save Our Yachts understands the lifestyle we’ve cultivated while dodging taxes, and respects that we’re NOT about to give that up now!

Anonymous Rich Man #2

Thank god Brian Heywood is looking out for us here at Save Our Yachts! I don’t know what we’d do without him and the $6 million he’s put up to help us repeal the Capital Gains Tax. I paid that tax for one year and even though my accountants say it’s fine, it’s the principle of the thing! Why should I have to pay taxes like everyone else? Don’t they know who I am? This is hands down the hardest thing I’ve had to go through, even worse than waiting for my Cybertruck preorder to be ready, and that’s saying A LOT!

Maximilian MoneyBags

Last year, I was all set to spend the summer on my brand new superyacht, until paying the capital gains tax ruined my plans. No, I didn’t have to forego the staff on my yacht or the jet ski upgrade, but being told I had just paid a new tax really impacted my mental health. I couldn’t even fully enjoy the helicopter ride to the yacht helipad or the private island we docked at! That Brian Heywood guy is onto something with repealing this thing and he really isn’t getting the credit he deserves. Without him, Washington’s upside down tax code (right side up in my eyes) might actually start to even out, and we can’t let that happen.

Bill Lonaire

People keep saying, “What about the kids and their education? ” You know what I say? Sounds like a lot of complainers who are jealous they didn’t inherit a bunch of money and get to live lavishly like me! It’s not my fault they drew the short stick, and I certainly shouldn’t have to pay to fund their public education, that’s what state government is for!

Beff Jezos

Beff Jezos

Knowing that Brian Heywood is fighting for the millionaires and billionaires in Washington state helps me sleep at night. First they come for our money, but what’s next? Our yachts?? Our private planes?? These “working people” that are “suffering” need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and figure it out themselves, just like I did, after my grandpa died and left me an inheritance guaranteeing I never had to work again.

Mark Suckerberg

Mark Suckerberg

All these people who want us to pay taxes don’t understand the reality of being a billionaire. It’s not all yachts and fancy hotels and exotic vacations. Ok, it’s like 75% those things, but ALSO it’s hard work! We have to start businesses, exploit working people and spend lots of time and money on our shady accountants so we can pay the least taxes possible. We WORK for our billions of dollars of profits and we’re NOT sharing just so other people can have childcare.


Are you one of the elite 3,300 people in WA who paid the capital gains excise tax last year? Will you have to put your super yacht upgrade on hold, or fire your personal chef as a result? Will you have to pull some funds out of a secret bank account you stashed in the Cayman Islands? We want to hear how paying the capital gains tax has ruined your life!